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Monday, April 4, 2011

After I Do: Appreciation

How do you show your spouse that you appreciate them?  What does he/she do for you?

I tend to express my gratitude by saying "thank you" a lot.  Then it's usually followed by, "I appreciate it."  Haha. I am soooo obvious at showing how much I appreciate my husband.  Seriously though, I love the guy, and he puts up with a lot of my mess.  Don't worry.  I have to put up with a lot too.  Hehe.

By simply saying "thank you," I hope he does understand that I really do mean it.  I practically wake him up every single night to go downstairs to bring me another glass of water.  He never complains, and he always gets up to tend to my water needs.  Now if there is a huge noise in the middle of the night, chances are the guy is going to sleep right through it and not try to protect me.  I kid, I kid.

How do I know H appreciates me?  He says, "How do you put up with me?"  Enough said.  =P

So my husband doesn't bring me roses home every night (I would yell at him anyways.  Flowers die, and they are expensive), but he does bring home surprises every now and then.  I sobbed like a baby when he came home with a Valentine's day card.  I didn't even open it.  He simply handed over an envelope, and I cried instantly.  I didn't expect it one bit (we're not heart day people).  That card happened to be the very same card I lusted over at Anthropologie the week before.  He remembered.  :)

Then there is that one time when he brought home Girl Scout cookies after hearing me constantly talk about them.  He even tracked them down and made sure to buy me a box.  That made my week.  He entertained me and drove me everywhere in search of Lemonades too.

Oh and there was that period when I thought I was dying, and he came home with balloons for me.  I absolutely adore balloons, and the sight of them cheered me up right away.  That was the first time he ever bought me balloons, and it meant so much to me.  By the way, I wasn't dying.  I was pregnant.  Hehe.

My husband sure does love me, and I know he appreciates me just by the way he looks at me or the surprises he has up his sleeves.  He smothers me with hugs and kisses every single day.

examples of kisses -- Ocean City 2009

I'm really making H look like a super hero of a husband.  I'll just leave it at that.  No need for me to brag about my super power abilities to be the best wife ever.

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