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Sunday, April 10, 2011

After I Do: Honesty & Lying

Communication, Honesty, and Lying - Do you ever lie to your spouse?  How honest does the honesty in your relationship go?

I am a very honest person, brutally honest at times.  I think that communication is so important in any relationship, whether it's a marriage, friendship, or a business relationship.  A lot of problems stem from lack of communication or miscommunication.  If you're going to communicate effectively, then you might as well be honest about everything.  There is no use lying unless you have something to hide.  When it comes to that point, then something has gone very wrong.

White lies aside (ex. birthday surprises), I do not lie to my husband.  I don't think it's even possible.  I want to share every detail with him, even the stuff he probably doesn't want to know.  Occasionally I will "lie" playfully, and he knows the real answer.  Hehe. I'm so bad at keeping secrets from him too.  One year I bought him the complete series of Friends on DVD for his birthday, and I told him a day or two before it came in the mail.  I really am that pathetic.

What about H?  Sometimes I think we're the same person.  We approach honesty and lying in the same way. The biggest secret he ever kept from me was the engagement ring and proposal.  He was itching with excitement to the point where he popped the question the same day the ring came in, which wasn't part of his original plan.  He wasn't even patient enough to keep the ring for a few days and wait for the weekend. Silly husband.

Big smiles plastered on our faces after H popped the big question

We both know that if either one of us every lied to the other, we have some serious problems.  It goes beyond the lying, and the problem goes down much deeper.  We try our best to be honest to one another at all times and to communicate -- the good and the bad .  Neither of us will accept lying or deception.

It's us against the world.  :)

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