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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Story of Us - Part I

Call me crazy, but I never did introduce you guys to the story behind From Poke to I Do. Sure, I made some lame entry to make the blog go forward, but there are details to be shared. =)

How did H (that will be his new name) and I meet? The simple answer would be in school. The not so simple answer goes a little like this...

I just completed my freshman year of college, and I took on the challenge of taking summer session. As a new sophomore with less than a year under my belt, I took the one class that required my sophomore status -- accounting. I almost dropped the class because I wanted to take a tiny break from classes and exams to enjoy my summer break. Who wants to take accounting when they can be lazily enjoying the summer sun? Exactly. Why didn't I? I was simply too lazy.

meet Yin

H would have just completed his senior year of college and graduated in May, but he didn't. Life happens. He needed to take two more courses to be an official graduate, and there he was inside Student Services trying to pick his two courses. Economics would be an easy one since he needed it for his degree. Then there was the elective, a class of his choosing. Upon his uncle's advice, he chose accounting of all things. Apparently it's supposed to help you in the adult life (really?).

meet H

There we were on the first day of class inside Memorial Hall. I was assigned to my table, along with everyone else in the classroom, except for H. Since he joined last minute, the professor had to randomly assign him to a group on the spot. He sat across from me. There were a total of 4 people in our group, myself included. One would later never return (later as in the next day), and then there would be three. We exchanged our contact information on a sheet of notebook paper, and went on with our day.

meet accounting

Did I notice H? Yes, he was Asian, but that was simply it. Did H notice me? Yes, he sure did. His friends can tell you the story of his instant attraction to me. It's quite funny. =)

So folks, that's how we met -- at the University taking a boring Accounting class. How will our relationship take a change from strangers to friends? You'll just have to wait and see.

meet us - one month later

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cleaning Leads to Wedding Planning, Right?

After a long week of being an adult (work), I'm ready to kick back and relax this weekend. By relax, I mean clean and try to start this thing called wedding planning. Like any other task at hand, I try to avoid it in every way possible. Remember being a student cleaning your room instead of studying for a big exam? Well that was me then, and this is still me today. The room where I'll be spending many hours planning and crafting has to be perfect in order to inspire an amazing wedding full of great ideas, right? I think so. =)

Seriously, I am going to get down to business. I have to. How many months do I have remaining? Oh yeah, that would be a little over six months. I don't even think I can get a dress ordered in time for an August wedding, especially with alterations (that's if I decide to go that route). That is how far behind I am. Can I even book a photographer in such short notice? Oh man...

*cue panic attack*

How about I continue cleaning and set aside my fears? Yeah, that sounds a lot better.

Somehow I'll turn this mess into a clean room... somehow...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wedding Reading Material

I recently bought the following wedding related reading materials:

Can you tell that I'm an obsessed Martha Stewart fan? If not, here's another magazine I have in my collection...


With so many magazines, you would think that I spend my free time reading them. Nope. They've been sitting on the coffee table collecting dust. I recently purchased the Real Simple Weddings upon high recommendations among the wedding community. It's a great magazine with almost no ads, and it is very informative about the whole process of planning. I was tempted to purchase it last year, but I decided to reserve it for this year. While I'm a Weddingbee nut, I try to avoid reading The Knot. In this case, I only had a vague idea of my time line. After opening the first couple pages of Real Simple, I almost had a panic attack. You would think that would make me go into crazy planning mode. Nope. I'm afraid to tackle the big obstacle ahead, and I'm still taking my good old time. This is going to kick me in the butt. I know it.

Goal #1 - Start reading my wedding material and create a strategy. Yes, I think that would be best. I need to keep organized. While I know I need to get x, y, and z done, I don't exactly know the importance of the order.

Goal #2 - Set a budget. With the uncertainty of our income in the upcoming months, that has been a tough one. I was recently talking to Hubby about my budget for the wedding dress. He was thinking thousands of dollars. I was thinking hundreds of dollars (below $500). Of course that really just limits me to alterations on my current $25 vintage find and no room to actually see if there's another dress out there for me. Yes, we definitely need a budget.

Goal #3 - Gosh, I can't think that far ahead in goals! I'll stick with 2 then. Hehe.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

My last post seriously put me in panic mode. How in the world am I supposed to plan a wedding in a mere 8 months? You would think reading 1.5 years of Weddingbee would prepare me for everything to expect. Nope. It probably makes me even more torn between x, y, and z. I see something I love, and I make a mental note to incorporate it. I then fall in love with so many different elements, and they don't all mesh well together. Oh and it doesn't help that I've changed my wedding colors three times. Gahhh!

Then I realized that I shouldn't stress. It'll make me hate wedding planning, and I really should enjoy this process. This will be the one time I can plan a big event and have it *almost end up the way I like it. It's like planning a kid's birthday party on a much bigger scale with a whole lot more food. This should be fun. I will just take my time and breathe every now and then. I will take everything day by day and enjoy the other parts of my life too. What can be better than eating hot pot in our very own living room? Yup, we're awesome. I have to remember to not sweat the small stuff. Yes, a wedding can be categorized into the small stuff. It only takes up one day in our lives, and there are so many awesome days ahead.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let the Planning Begin...

Lo siento my blog buddies. I have abandoned you all, and I never meant to stay away for so long. I guess recovering from the blog flu was more difficult than I thought it would be. No worries. I have good news to share, and I hope this will make up for my long absence.

and here it goes...


Oh boy, oh boy! We have officially set the date and reserved the venue. Now it's time to focus and plan this wedding in a very short 8 months. How will this be possible? Who knows! The budget is tiny. The time is short. The love is everlasting. Let's get started!

I totally made this up on a whim for this blog entry... it doesn't look too shabby.