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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cleaning Leads to Wedding Planning, Right?

After a long week of being an adult (work), I'm ready to kick back and relax this weekend. By relax, I mean clean and try to start this thing called wedding planning. Like any other task at hand, I try to avoid it in every way possible. Remember being a student cleaning your room instead of studying for a big exam? Well that was me then, and this is still me today. The room where I'll be spending many hours planning and crafting has to be perfect in order to inspire an amazing wedding full of great ideas, right? I think so. =)

Seriously, I am going to get down to business. I have to. How many months do I have remaining? Oh yeah, that would be a little over six months. I don't even think I can get a dress ordered in time for an August wedding, especially with alterations (that's if I decide to go that route). That is how far behind I am. Can I even book a photographer in such short notice? Oh man...

*cue panic attack*

How about I continue cleaning and set aside my fears? Yeah, that sounds a lot better.

Somehow I'll turn this mess into a clean room... somehow...


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