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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Story of Us - A Side Note

There's a bit of information that you might want to know before I continue much longer. I was in a relationship at the time. *shock* I had been going out with the guy for quite some time, over a year in fact. It wasn't the healthiest of relationships. Actually it was bad, very bad. I just didn't see it at the time because I was young, and I had no experience being in a relationship. I thought they were supposed to be that way, but boy was I wrong. Even though it wasn't a very healthy relationship, I was committed. I saw H as simply a new friend.

Now you might think I'm the worst person ever because we all know how this story will end. H and I will end up together, and there will be this one poor fellow who got screwed over. To this day I have been unable to forget and forgive the other guy. He hurt me in ways I never knew until I was out of the relationship. I try not to think about the past anymore because I can't change it. I don't think I would want to change it either. I am able to value and appreciate H in ways that I would be unable to without my past.

Everything happens for a reason. You don't have control over destiny. It just happens in a blink of an eye. I am very fortunate to have met my soul mate, especially at a young age. Sure, I wish I had met him earlier because I really don't know how I was able to live without him for all those years. I wish that it could have been less complicated, that no one had to get hurt. These are things that I have no control over now. I could have stayed with the other guy, continued to be unhappy, and just wish for a better future. I didn't do that. I chose myself. I was selfish because I ultimately wanted happiness and destiny to take its course. I'm glad I did because I have no regrets.

This was difficult for me to write because I wanted to make sure this part of the story was told. Maybe that's why I rarely go into details about how H and I met. I feel like a liar if I just mention all the pretty details, but that's all that people want to hear. This is the truth. I'm not exactly proud of it, but I want to be honest about my past.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gadgets & Projects

I'm happily snowed in today, and that means I'll be working on wedding projects all day. Yay! Let me show you around my workshop and some of the gadgets.

Fiskars Squeeze 1 inch circle punch, Martha Stewart's doily lace punch, and double happiness paper punch

I love this punch!! I saved up money and coupons and patiently waited to buy this from the store. I'm probably a little pathetic, but I love the beautiful edge.

I bought this pretty number in Hong Kong and was totally inspired by Mrs. Hot Cocoa. I actually ran into it twice, and I regretted not getting it the first time. My dad pretty much persuaded me to go ahead and buy it, especially since everything was 10% off in the store. I paid $5.50 US.

I found my wedding colors at Staples. Haha. Seriously, I did! I wanted a easy source for my paper, and Staples was the only place that even came close. I was conflicted at first, and I finally went ahead and bought one ream of 20lb paper in Salmon and one ream of 120 lb card stock in ivory.

Why salmon? I had a little bump in with salmon about five months ago at Michael's. I purchased about $20 worth of Martha Stewart card stock and matching salmon leaf print (on super duper sale). I had visions of a salmon wedding back then, and the salmon at Staples pretty much called out to me. The two on the left were purchased from the retired Martha Stewart line of papers, and the two on the right are from Staples.

All punching devices + wedding paper = awesome wedding projects to come! The middle double happiness circle will be turned into stickers with my awesome xyron.

Tissue paper flower against a salmon backdrop. This was my test run using white tissue paper purchased for cheap around Christmas time. I have vanilla tissue paper in queue for the final result.

Here's a sneak peak of something I'm working on...

Here's another peak. Imagine all of these pieces of papers turning into my wedding favors. It's going to be insane, but I like challenges.

Haha.. this is just a small glimpse inside my craft workshop. Tune in for more gadgets! =)

*All photos taken by H with the first group using his light box on the cheap (cardboard box, tracing paper, and white poster paper).

P.S. I switched my blog colors to reflect my salmon colored wedding! Muahahaha!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Online Shopping -- So Enticing!

After a long day of shoveling snow, it's time to relax and recover from all the aches. There are quite a few sales going on around the Internet, and it's hard not to stop and stare. Here's just a few...

Twigs & Honey by Myra Callan

Myra Callan is offering a 25% discount on all items in her online shop through this weekend only. It excludes her amazing Etsy and custom order pieces, but it is super amazing. Now if only I could afford her pieces even with the discount. Enter discount code at checkout: kisses

Wedding Invitations, Gifts, and Stationery by Hello Lucky

With the launch of Hello Lucky's newest line of vintage-inspired and wedding stationery printed on 100% recycled paper, they are celebrating by offering Weddingbee readers 20% off all products. To take advantage of the 20% off discount, simply enter the code BEEMINE2010 upon checkout. This offer is valid through 2/14/2010. I have my own set of Hello Lucky invitation samples, and they are really dreamy in person. Now only if I could spend my whole budget on invitations. Hmm...

Hello Lucky Save the Date Postcards

I am especially drawn to their new line of Save the Date postcards. I love how the announcement is off to the side and kept simple and sweet.

Since those are way out of my budget, I figured I would keep looking online for swoon worthy wedding related products. I stumbled across Modcloth through one of those Facebook ads. Now I've heard about Modcloth around the Internet (check out What I Wore), so it's nothing new to me. I just never clicked on the site before, and once I did, I was immediately drawn. Of course I found a great dress, and I bought one for myself. How could I not? I deserve a little present for all of that hard work from yesterday. =)

Wildlife Photographer Dress

Wouldn't you know it... I just wrote this whole entry and figured out that I should probably cancel my order. Why? I just read the reviews, and it doesn't look pretty. Sigh. I'm in the process of figuring out how to cancel it before it gets processed. Oh man. I was so excited about it too. I originally had visions of this dress for an engagement shoot, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner. It is super cute in the back, and I am drawn to dress pockets. Oh well. This will be a lesson for me not to order immediately out of excitement without reading the reviews.

On a happier note, I did buy something else wedding related. Details will come as soon as shipping has confirmed. The company that I purchased it from has been known to cancel orders. =/ I'm crossing my fingers on this one because it will be perfect for the wedding. I really hope it ships out and arrives this week.

Preview - Ring Shots

As a result of finding tracing paper on sale at Staples, Hubby decided to make a cheap light box. He was experimenting with shots, and I adore the ring shots above. I should probably find a way to incorporate Hello Kitty into the wedding. Muahaha. ;-)

Speaking of rings, the recycle trash can almost ate mine up on Thursday evening. Our recycle trash can is actually bigger than a normal trash can because I'm awesome and requested the biggest one they have. Well my ring slides around on my finger a lot in the winter since my hands are so cold. It's the total opposite in the summer when my fingers swell up from the heat. Well as I was throwing in some plastics and paper, I heard the thump of my ring fall in. That has never ever happened to my ring before, and I freaked out. H came to the rescue and found it immediately. Phew. Just imagine if I didn't hear the thump and let the trash man take my recyclables with my ring in there. I do have insurance on my ring, but it has so much sentimental value. It's not replaceable, and you will soon know why as soon as I tell you guys the story behind my ring. =)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Going in the Right Direction

I'll admit it. I freaked out like no other this past weekend.


I can honestly say that I have improved quite a bit since then, and I have accomplished a few small things on my very big to do list. Since I'm a big fan of lists, I will present to you a list of my small accomplishments:
  • contacted a few (as in 2) photographers and am in the process of making a pro and con list for each
  • ideas for finding an affordable DJ & wedding cake using networking connections of sorts
  • save the date sketch is made and the project is ready to go
  • finalized on the wedding colors (after going back and forth on a daily basis and incorporating new color schemes every other day)
  • bought a super duper printer for all of my wedding printing needs
  • browsed through craft stores for the perfect shades of paper goods (which I later found at Staples of all places)
I'm still a very stressed out Yin, but I'm going to make it through one baby step at a time.