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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Preview - Ring Shots

As a result of finding tracing paper on sale at Staples, Hubby decided to make a cheap light box. He was experimenting with shots, and I adore the ring shots above. I should probably find a way to incorporate Hello Kitty into the wedding. Muahaha. ;-)

Speaking of rings, the recycle trash can almost ate mine up on Thursday evening. Our recycle trash can is actually bigger than a normal trash can because I'm awesome and requested the biggest one they have. Well my ring slides around on my finger a lot in the winter since my hands are so cold. It's the total opposite in the summer when my fingers swell up from the heat. Well as I was throwing in some plastics and paper, I heard the thump of my ring fall in. That has never ever happened to my ring before, and I freaked out. H came to the rescue and found it immediately. Phew. Just imagine if I didn't hear the thump and let the trash man take my recyclables with my ring in there. I do have insurance on my ring, but it has so much sentimental value. It's not replaceable, and you will soon know why as soon as I tell you guys the story behind my ring. =)


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