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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gadgets & Projects

I'm happily snowed in today, and that means I'll be working on wedding projects all day. Yay! Let me show you around my workshop and some of the gadgets.

Fiskars Squeeze 1 inch circle punch, Martha Stewart's doily lace punch, and double happiness paper punch

I love this punch!! I saved up money and coupons and patiently waited to buy this from the store. I'm probably a little pathetic, but I love the beautiful edge.

I bought this pretty number in Hong Kong and was totally inspired by Mrs. Hot Cocoa. I actually ran into it twice, and I regretted not getting it the first time. My dad pretty much persuaded me to go ahead and buy it, especially since everything was 10% off in the store. I paid $5.50 US.

I found my wedding colors at Staples. Haha. Seriously, I did! I wanted a easy source for my paper, and Staples was the only place that even came close. I was conflicted at first, and I finally went ahead and bought one ream of 20lb paper in Salmon and one ream of 120 lb card stock in ivory.

Why salmon? I had a little bump in with salmon about five months ago at Michael's. I purchased about $20 worth of Martha Stewart card stock and matching salmon leaf print (on super duper sale). I had visions of a salmon wedding back then, and the salmon at Staples pretty much called out to me. The two on the left were purchased from the retired Martha Stewart line of papers, and the two on the right are from Staples.

All punching devices + wedding paper = awesome wedding projects to come! The middle double happiness circle will be turned into stickers with my awesome xyron.

Tissue paper flower against a salmon backdrop. This was my test run using white tissue paper purchased for cheap around Christmas time. I have vanilla tissue paper in queue for the final result.

Here's a sneak peak of something I'm working on...

Here's another peak. Imagine all of these pieces of papers turning into my wedding favors. It's going to be insane, but I like challenges.

Haha.. this is just a small glimpse inside my craft workshop. Tune in for more gadgets! =)

*All photos taken by H with the first group using his light box on the cheap (cardboard box, tracing paper, and white poster paper).

P.S. I switched my blog colors to reflect my salmon colored wedding! Muahahaha!



Hello? Do you know where I can find the double happiness stamp nowadays? Thank you!

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