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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Going in the Right Direction

I'll admit it. I freaked out like no other this past weekend.


I can honestly say that I have improved quite a bit since then, and I have accomplished a few small things on my very big to do list. Since I'm a big fan of lists, I will present to you a list of my small accomplishments:
  • contacted a few (as in 2) photographers and am in the process of making a pro and con list for each
  • ideas for finding an affordable DJ & wedding cake using networking connections of sorts
  • save the date sketch is made and the project is ready to go
  • finalized on the wedding colors (after going back and forth on a daily basis and incorporating new color schemes every other day)
  • bought a super duper printer for all of my wedding printing needs
  • browsed through craft stores for the perfect shades of paper goods (which I later found at Staples of all places)
I'm still a very stressed out Yin, but I'm going to make it through one baby step at a time.


Anonymous said...

Have you picked a color or theme yet?

Yin said...

Yes! More details to come later (possibly today). I'm going back to one of the colors I first considered months ago. I did a mock up of a few of my ideas, and it's coming along quite well.

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