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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Story of Us - Part I

Call me crazy, but I never did introduce you guys to the story behind From Poke to I Do. Sure, I made some lame entry to make the blog go forward, but there are details to be shared. =)

How did H (that will be his new name) and I meet? The simple answer would be in school. The not so simple answer goes a little like this...

I just completed my freshman year of college, and I took on the challenge of taking summer session. As a new sophomore with less than a year under my belt, I took the one class that required my sophomore status -- accounting. I almost dropped the class because I wanted to take a tiny break from classes and exams to enjoy my summer break. Who wants to take accounting when they can be lazily enjoying the summer sun? Exactly. Why didn't I? I was simply too lazy.

meet Yin

H would have just completed his senior year of college and graduated in May, but he didn't. Life happens. He needed to take two more courses to be an official graduate, and there he was inside Student Services trying to pick his two courses. Economics would be an easy one since he needed it for his degree. Then there was the elective, a class of his choosing. Upon his uncle's advice, he chose accounting of all things. Apparently it's supposed to help you in the adult life (really?).

meet H

There we were on the first day of class inside Memorial Hall. I was assigned to my table, along with everyone else in the classroom, except for H. Since he joined last minute, the professor had to randomly assign him to a group on the spot. He sat across from me. There were a total of 4 people in our group, myself included. One would later never return (later as in the next day), and then there would be three. We exchanged our contact information on a sheet of notebook paper, and went on with our day.

meet accounting

Did I notice H? Yes, he was Asian, but that was simply it. Did H notice me? Yes, he sure did. His friends can tell you the story of his instant attraction to me. It's quite funny. =)

So folks, that's how we met -- at the University taking a boring Accounting class. How will our relationship take a change from strangers to friends? You'll just have to wait and see.

meet us - one month later


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That is so sweet. :)

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