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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wedding Reading Material

I recently bought the following wedding related reading materials:

Can you tell that I'm an obsessed Martha Stewart fan? If not, here's another magazine I have in my collection...


With so many magazines, you would think that I spend my free time reading them. Nope. They've been sitting on the coffee table collecting dust. I recently purchased the Real Simple Weddings upon high recommendations among the wedding community. It's a great magazine with almost no ads, and it is very informative about the whole process of planning. I was tempted to purchase it last year, but I decided to reserve it for this year. While I'm a Weddingbee nut, I try to avoid reading The Knot. In this case, I only had a vague idea of my time line. After opening the first couple pages of Real Simple, I almost had a panic attack. You would think that would make me go into crazy planning mode. Nope. I'm afraid to tackle the big obstacle ahead, and I'm still taking my good old time. This is going to kick me in the butt. I know it.

Goal #1 - Start reading my wedding material and create a strategy. Yes, I think that would be best. I need to keep organized. While I know I need to get x, y, and z done, I don't exactly know the importance of the order.

Goal #2 - Set a budget. With the uncertainty of our income in the upcoming months, that has been a tough one. I was recently talking to Hubby about my budget for the wedding dress. He was thinking thousands of dollars. I was thinking hundreds of dollars (below $500). Of course that really just limits me to alterations on my current $25 vintage find and no room to actually see if there's another dress out there for me. Yes, we definitely need a budget.

Goal #3 - Gosh, I can't think that far ahead in goals! I'll stick with 2 then. Hehe.


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