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Friday, April 8, 2011

After I Do: Changes

What's the biggest way you've changed personally now that you're married?  How did this change come about?

The biggest personal change would be growing from being a couple to a family. Marriage didn't change our relationship as a couple because we had the foundation of a marriage before the legal "I do."  When we discovered that I was pregnant, everything shifted for us.  Our priorities changed, and now we had to focus on having another being added to our super awesome team.

Seeing Ninja for the first time on the ultrasound screen.

Physically I have changed.  Have you seen my stomach?  Sure, there's only an extra 17lbs of me physically there, but the baby keeps growing every single day.  I waddle like a penguin.  I'm a lot slower, and I take my time when I go for a walk.  My lower back can't take too much activity either.  I bet I'm stronger though.  My  body had to adapt to carrying all of this extra weight after all.

Keep in mind that this photo was taken 3 weeks ago... I'm even bigger now.

Emotionally I have changed.  Pregnancy hormones are a pain in the butt.  One moment I could be crying over the silliest thing ever, and the next moment I am super frustrated with the world.  It's like that time of the month, except times that by ten.

There is this motherly side of me that has emerged from this whole pregnancy.  Maybe it naturally comes with the hormones?  I feel the need to take care of my little Ninja in every way possible.  I want to provide him with the best environment ever, and I love the little guy so darn much.  It's crazy how attached I am to him.  While I'm not exactly ready for the hours of labor or learning how to take care of an infant, I am looking forward to meeting him.  When I talk to him, I think he is listening and actually understands me.

Technically this change affects me the most due to the whole carrying-a-child-inside-of-me part.  Looking at the whole picture, the change affects us as a couple.  It turns our family of two into a family of three.  We will need to work together to learn how to become super awesome parents to a wonderful baby Ninja.  Our responsibilities will extend beyond taking care of ourselves, and we will have an extra being to love and smother with kisses all day long.  Boy it's one heck of a change, but we take the challenge with great stride.  It's part of our adventure.  It's our family.  :)

We're always ready for an adventure!

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