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Thursday, April 7, 2011

After I Do: Date Night

Do you and your spouse plan "date nights" now that you're married?  What's the most fun date you've been on since getting married?

Yes, we do plan date nights even as a married couple, especially in the remaining weeks before the baby arrives.  This is our last chance to have date nights without hiring a babysitter, and we sure do take advantage of it.

What is the typical date for a married couple?  Mainly, it goes unplanned.  We just go out, eat dinner, and shop around in the area.  It sounds kind of boring, but it is very much us.  Occasionally we'll toss in a movie or special outing to a new place.  I'm a fan of simply going to the coffee shop and sitting there for hours talking to each other. He's an even bigger fan of the diner experience, but it's getting more difficult to find decent diners in our area.

makes total sense why we love coffee shops & diners -- the first weeks of our relationship were spent there talking for hours
Korner Diner - Summer 2005

Since getting married, the most fun date we've had has been our yearly beach trip.  It sounds silly since we do it every single year, and technically it doesn't qualify as a "date," more or less just a trip.  I just love the excitement leading up to the big day and all of the planning that's involved.  By planning, I mean simply making sushi and prepping snacks for the road.  The feeling of the sun beating down on us and just being able to relax on the beach is perfection.  This year's trip was extra special too.  H met Delilah.  It was also Ninja's first beach trip (in the womb), and we didn't even know it!

making a pit stop for sausage at Helen's Sausage House... yum!!

being super awesome & enjoying the beach

Celebrating 5 years together, photo booth style!

Once the little Ninja arrives, our date nights will be spent mainly at home.  Instead of going out to eat, we'll order in.  We'll even make the adventure out to the library to borrow DVDs and have movie night at home with a bag of microwave popcorn.  Date night is all about spending extra quality time together with little interruptions.  I just love spending time with my husband.  :)

P.S. Occasionally we get dressed up for fancy dinners too!  It doesn't happen very often, but we have a blast every time we get a chance to spend too much money on a nice dining experience.

Wish I could say we paid for dinner, but it was our wedding present treat from Anthony & Melissa.  Thanks guys!!
Morimoto - Summer 2010

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