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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wedding Bands - Check!

I just received my wedding band in the mail today, and it is gorgeous! Take a look...

Channel Set Diamond Eternity Ring
from Blue Nile

In the midst of entering "freak out" mode, my Real Simple wedding magazine reminded me that we needed to purchase wedding bands. Duh! Just imagine silly Yin waiting until the week before the wedding to remember that super big detail. Luckily I did some research a month or so back, and I found the Channel Set Diamond Eternity ring from Blue Nile. With a width of 2mm, it was bound to match my engagement ring. Don't remember it? Oh yeah... I never showed you guys! Well here it is...

photo was taken prior to reading this awesome post by the talented Anne Ruthmann

My engagement ring + super awesome wedding band = match made in ring heaven. It doesn't hurt that the band came in the mail less than 48 hours after I ordered it. It also doesn't hurt that I fit the smallest size they offer online. Muahaha!

Oh yeah I don't think I ever told you guys about the story behind my engagement ring. It's a pretty long one, and I've hinted at there being very limited time to get this wedding planning underway. I guess that will be a story for another day.

What about H? He was set on getting a tungsten carbide wedding band. Don't know much about tungsten carbide? Wiki will tell you all you need to know. His band looks a little something like this...

Matisse Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring
from Tungsten World

H's band was not an easy purchase compared to mine. At first he was set on a simple ring like this...

Well I made him second guess himself and get something more "techie." The Classique is maybe a little too classic. That's where the Matisse comes in and takes over. I think it would compliment H very well with the extra edge in style. We actually went to the mall last night to get a better idea of what size to order, and the jewelry store had a few tungsten carbide wedding bands on display. It helped give us a better visual and understanding of H's needs. He has short fingers. Short fingers = smaller width needed for the band. =)

So there you have it folks. The weddings bands have been crossed off our to do list. Now let's see what's next...


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