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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not Like Most Gals

I think most girls look forward to getting married and celebrating with a fairytale wedding. I don't think I can be categorized with most girls at this point. Why? I've been going out with H for almost 5 years and engaged for 2 years. I've lived with H for the past 2.75 years, and I plan on living with him forever. We recently bought a house together and enjoy most aspects of married life. What's missing? Just the marriage certificate and the tax benefits. Sure, we would love to start a family together soon, and it's only acceptable to be married first only by standards. When have I ever followed the standards? Exactly. =) Okay, honestly I would probably follow tradition and get married before babies enter the picture. I can't scare people away too much.

Am I missing out? Probably. There is something special about the excitement of marriage and planning a wedding. I may never experience it, and it saddens me to think about it. Then I'll get over it knowing that I get to spend forever with my soul mate. *smiles*

H + Yin = Awesome


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