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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making a List

With 9 months of planning ahead of me, I have to set my priorities and actually start planning now. I'm going to have to warn you that I am a professional procrastinator. While 9 months may sound like plenty of time to normal people, I know that I'll probably put off everything for another month or two. To better prepare myself, I'll make a list of some things I should start worrying about now...

  • Book Restaurant - This one requires a deposit to reserve the date and also a meeting of the parents. I try to avoid wedding talk with my parents, and oddly enough my dad brought up the need to meet Hubby's parents. He suggested dim sum one weekend, and he even added the subject of the wedding into conversation. It was super weird, but I'll take it. I need my parent's help/hook up to book the restaurant, and this may be the perfect opportunity.
Imperial Inn Restaurant in Philly - Photo by Dave H. from Yelp
  • Come up with new name for Hubby - This is purely for blogging related purposes. I think he deserves a cooler name. Technically "hubby" is not his actual title.. at least not for another 9 months.
  • Wedding Dress - I need to work quickly and set up an appointment to get my dress altered. I have a seamstress in mind, but she also happens to be in Lancaster. I was too impressed with Mrs. Sushi's alterations, and I think I might just have to give her a call. Since I'm uncertain of how it will turn out, I also need a back up plan. That will consist of going to multiple bridal shops to try on wedding dresses. I just wonder when I'll find the time to go shopping. I'm not so sure I want to do it alone either. =/

Is it possible to transform my vintage dress find into this amazing Monique Lhuillier sketch? I think it's worth the try.
  • Save the Date & Wedding Invitations - I know I'm probably crazy, but I think I'm going to try to DIY my invites. It needs to be extra special with a dash of my creativity in the mix. I don't think I can settle for normal or expensive invitations. The STDs will be my first attempt at a DIY project for the wedding, and it'll be a test as to whether or not I can handle it. I need to start brainstorming pronto!
Do you remember these kusudamas? Well I ended up buying a lot of the paper I used for the kusudama on the right, and I'm going to find some way to incorporate that into the invites and STDs.

While the to do list for the wedding will never end until the actual wedding day, I will need to keep myself somewhat on track. Hopefully I can tackle some of the tasks above and get prepped for this planning thing.


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