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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Having a Date...

There is something about having a wedding date that makes this wedding feel very real for the first time. It also sets a deadline for me, and it's also a very scary deadline too. In the year and a half that I've been engaged, I didn't actually think that the day would come. You know.. when the date is set and I have no other choice but to plan and stress until the wedding. It's kind of sad to leave the carefree side of being wedding obsessed (just obsessed with no action). I have a feeling that this planning process will be stressful and full of conflicts. The process alone coming up with the date was stressful, and I can only see it getting worse in the upcoming months.

I am glad that I'm somewhat prepared for this journey. I've had two sisters go down the aisle, and I saw firsthand a good portion of how heavily involved this process can be. I know how much stuff should cost (well the price 5 years ago), and I know that this can be a very expensive affair too. Weddingbee and many other wedding sites have instilled in me the confidence that I can pull this off. I've gathered so much inspiration, and I am in awe of how brides can put amazing weddings together everyday.

Now I can only hope that people will understand that I have the knowledge and background to get most of the planning done. I know there will be deadlines, and I'm no stranger to pricing in the wedding world. It doesn't shock me like most people. Hmm.. now if only I can convince others that it's "normal" to pay a couple hundred (thousands at times) for a wedding gown.

Oh and Hubby and I will be paying for this wedding with our money. I'm a very stingy and thrifty gal, and I'm going to make every dollar we spend stretch out like no other. While I'm sure Hubby's parents will help us along the way, I really would rather have no financial assistance. It will help me budget the way I want to and spend more in areas where I deem necessary.

Next step - put a deposit for the restaurant. Our date is still available. We just need to go there with some cash monies. Maybe we'll get around to it today. Then this will feel even more real...


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