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Monday, August 3, 2009

Crafty Yin

It was Friday morning, and I just realized how much I had fallen behind. My anniversary was the very next day, and I had yet to make a card for Hubby. Bad Yin. I had very little to no vision, and I just took it one step at a time. That tiny vision only consisted of incorporating a photo of us, possibly from the year we first met. Luckily I had one laying around, and I tried to work everything around that one photo.

I have a lot of craft supplies (but never enough to satisfy this crafty heart of mine), and they are scattered throughout the room in various containers and boxes. Whenever I start a project it gets messy.. really messy. For this project I limited myself to using the following items:
Sometimes I don't always have the perfect piece of scrapbook paper to use as a background for my cards. I just use clear stamps to create my own background on card stock to get the perfect look. In this case I used a flower stamp using white ink on brown card stock. To get the designed paper look, I made sure to sure to stamp on the edges too.

After cutting, stamping, gluing, and trimming, I came up with this beauty here:

This card took me hours to complete, but it sure was satisfying to see the end result. Hubby was super happy with his card, and I enjoyed getting back into craft mode. Life is swell.


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