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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4 Years & Counting: Shopping on a Friday

To jump start our anniversary weekend, Hubby and I went to King of Prussia for some relaxing, shopping fun. It was a Friday evening, and it was the perfect way to rewind and end the long week. Yes, Hubby loves to shop with me. I have to be one of the luckiest girls out there to have Hubby as my best friend and shopping buddy too.

We go to KOP often enough that we even have a preferred parking lot. It's a convenient location outside of Nordstroms, and there is almost always parking available. I made Hubby point at our awesome parking spot. I get happy over the small things in life.

Aww! He even posed for me in front of our entrance! He then later asked why I was behind the camera instead of him. I need pictures for my blog!! Duh! Hehe. We actually don't shop at Nordstrom. We like to use the entrance to get to all the other stores within the mall, and J.Crew is definitely one of them. Yup, J.Crew is located right outside of the main Nordstrom entrance. Muahahahaha!

Shopping was fun and adventurous as usual. Hubby found himself a polo at J.Crew in a lovely shade of yellow. It was on sale with an additional 20% off. Unfortunately I left empty handed, but that's what happens when I drown in their smallest size (it was a dress shirt). I did find some luck at American Eagle. I pretty much hate that store since I worked there for the holiday season one year, but I tend to go back for their jeans. They're the only place that carries jeans that fit my body, both around my waist and length. I left with a pair of jean shorts (my first!) and a pair of bermuda shorts, which I later returned since they were a tad too roomy for me.

As usual we spent a lot of time at Urban Outfitters. I thought there was an awesome sale going on, but they didn't have much in store. I found this moustache key holder, and I made Hubby pose with it for me. I want him to grow a moustache for me one day for just a few minutes to show me. Apparently he did it once upon my request, but I was too sleepy to comprehend what was happening.

We spent the evening at the mall, and we left around closing time. Of course the adventure does not stop there. Hubby decided to take a back road to get back home, and we saw this...

The storm caused some damage to the trees, and the road was blocked. Hubby saw it as a challenge at first, and he actually tried to drive through all the debris. That didn't work out so well. Crazy Hubby!

Needless to say this was a tiring evening for the Hubby and Wifey duo. We didn't get home until late, and we didn't get much prepared for the next day. Will Hubby and Wifey wake up in time for the beach? Stay tuned.


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