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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

THE Wedding Rehearsal Dress

This past weekend Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary with an adventurous trip to the beach. It's pretty much tradition for us to make it down there once a year in the summer to take advantage of the sun and nice beachy breeze. We made a pit stop at the Tanger Outlets in Rehobeth to wait for the traffic to die down. While walking past BCBG, I saw this beauty in the window...

BCBG Maxaria Strapless Appliqué Dress - $398 at Nordstroms

In the wedding world this dress is super famous for being THE perfect rehearsal dress. Just look at it.. it pretty much screams awesomeness. This is so in demand, and you would have to be a crazy Weddingbee stalker to understand how amazing it was that I even found it in the first place.

Being the crazy obsessive bride to be, I had to try it on. There were three dresses on the rack, and they all happen to be a size zero. I really hoped it would fit. Even though I'm small, I'm not that small... or am I?

It fit like a glove. I'm not sure exactly how I was able to fit into a size zero, especially gaining all the weight back that I had lost from my trip to China. Yes, the dress actually does look as pretty in real life as it does in photos you've seen online.

Here I am trying to see whether it looks good on me. I love the rouching up on top, and I might just have to incorporate that into my dream wedding dress. It makes me feel comfortable and confident. Even my small boobies look good in this dress. Brownie points!!

Can you tell that I spent a lot of time looking at the mirror? Well I had nothing else better to do while Hubby was talking on the phone. He was thoughtful enough to snap the photos of the dress, even while talking.

I even look good from the side.. impressive! Actually I just look stick thin. Don't be fooled folks. I don't actually look like that in real life. It was just the angle at which the picture was taken.

This is the only decent photo of myself looking at the camera. I looked like one hot mess trying on the dress with my bikini top underneath (tucking the straps into the boobage area) and wearing flip flops. I had to crop these photos to disguise the ugliness of my footwear with this dress.

With an original price of $398 online, can you guess how much it was going for at the outlet? Does $199 sound pretty decent at half off? Well let's try a mere $89 for the most in demand wedding rehearsal dress out there! That's 77% off the original price!! Now here's the kicker.. I didn't purchase the dress. Even for that ridiculously cheap price, I left it back on the rack and walked away. You must think I'm crazy. Actually I do think that I was crazy now that I think back on it. It fit me like a glove. It made me look good (and skinny too)! Even if I decided that it wasn't for me, I would have no problem selling it online to another bride and actually be able to make a profit.

I walked away because it wasn't in the budget. There are other priorities in life, and even for a bargain steal of $89, I couldn't justify the cost at the time. Examining the dress, I felt that the materials used felt kind of cheap for a BCBG dress. Don't get me wrong. The material worked very well on my body, and it hugged all the right parts. It just didn't feel like high quality. The flowers were a bit messy and frayed at the ends, which is expected for the technique they used to get the flowers to look the way they did. In the end it just wasn't for me. I might regret this one day in the future (today might be that day), but at least I got the experience to try on the most in demand dress out there today.

By the way, I'm not the only one who walked away from the dress. Mrs. Quiche was not satisfied with her purchase and returned it back to the store.


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