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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding Questions

It feels odd to talk about weddings, even a year after being engaged. Maybe it's because I haven't really started planning quite yet. The other day I was asked about details of my wedding, and I gave a few short responses. I felt like I should have given solid responses with a strong and clear vision of what I want for my wedding day. It's been a year after all, and I should be much further in my planning process. At the very least I should know what I want. I should have an idea of what colors and theme I want, but I end up flip flopping pretty much every week.

I remember when I was first engaged it was easy to battle through those questions. I would simply answer the oh so popular "have you set the date yet?" question with a simple no. It was early enough that I didn't need to give anyone a date. I was also still in college, and I don't think people expected me to start planning in the midst of my last semester. Sometimes I would answer the question with an answer of "summer 2012" to get them to stop asking. I feel more guilty now if I can't give them the right answer. Saying next summer is a good enough question for most people right now, and I am relieved.

Unfortunately as the months pass by answering those questions don't get any easier. I wish it did. I think a small part of me sinks in deeper each time people ask about the wedding because deep down inside I'm not sure if it will happen as soon as everyone expects. I feel like I disappoint them when I tell them that I have no details planned. Sometimes I feel like they're judging me for not knowing what I'm doing. Of course they have no idea that I helped with 2 of my sisters' weddings and have been religiously reading Weddingbee everyday since I got engaged. I've had concerns from others about booking the reception site (aka the 10 course Chinese/Viet dinner). My FMIL is worried that I will inconvenience guests who will need to make traveling arrangements and take time off of work by not setting a date yet. It only gets more difficult as the time between now and next summer starts to dwindle.

I must know a thing or two about weddings.. evidence provided in the above photo


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