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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was browsing through facebook and stumbled across one of my old friends from high school. She recently got engaged this past Christmas, and she is apparently getting married this Thursday. I'll admit that I am jealous. I am happy for her to be able to enjoy her life with her husband to be by her side. It's great to see people my age getting married and being with the love of their lives. I just wonder when I will be the one to finally say that I am married.

I have been with Hubby for about 4 years (one month shy), and we have been engaged for over a year. Because of financial uncertainty, there's no way to predict a summer 2010 wedding. Maybe we won't be able to get around to it until 2011. I'm trying to patiently wait, but quite honestly, I just want to go to the courthouse and make it official now. I don't have a vision for a huge wedding. I would rather have a small, private wedding with our closest family and friends. In the end I just want to marry Hubby without the frills. I just want to be happily wed with no wedding planning stress. If other people can plan a small wedding in 6 months, then so can I... right?


he and she reviews said...

I feel similar! ^_^ My parents are helping with the wedding and they requested us wait till next october so that people that travel can get things in order to make it to our wedding. I hate waiting that long, I just want to get married. ^_^

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