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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dry Spell But Not a Farewell

Oddly enough I have returned from my wedding blogging dry spell, but there has been a lack of my own voice here.  I have maintained my blogging through the constant inspiration I see in my Google Reader feed.  I almost feel bad that I never blogged about the rest of my wedding planning adventure like I had originally planned.  It's been 8 months since the big wedding day, and somehow I still can't come around to talking about the day.  I enjoy married life much more than wedding planning life.  While that is no excuse, I do intend to come back and give a proper recap of my wedding and the planning leading up to it.  To organize my thoughts, I will jot down everything that I want to blog about in a notebook, and hopefully that will translate to actual entries in the future.  Don't forget about me!  I'm married, but I still have a lot to write about before I can say farewell to this wedding blog.


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