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Monday, September 21, 2009

*chirp chirp*

Yes, I have been absent but for good reasons. I swear! I celebrated my birthday this past week, and eating at an all you can eat sushi buffet is a great way to start off the celebration.

Hubby and I are also in the process of purchasing a nest of our own. We'll be busy packing in the next three weeks as we get closer to our big move in date.

Plus I've been making frequent trips to one of my favorite stores..

I didn't exactly leave empty handed. I found some good deals, and I could not resist buying some yummy items.

This Martha Stewart Paper Flower Bouquet kit is fabulous! I thought it's pretty stupid of me to pay so much money for tissue paper and a few supplies just to make tissue paper flowers. Well it was on sale, and my 50% off coupon worked on top of the clearance price. I tried it out, and the results are great! I ended up curving the tips before folding them accordion style, and I love how fluffy the flowers turned out. This kit makes 27 flowers!! Yes, 27 amazingly beautiful flowers! I am going to have a flower making party, and everyone is invited. =) If you have some tissue paper laying around, feel free to make some of your own using this tutorial from Matha's website.

Oh and yes, I bought something else too...

I bought pretty Martha Stewart paper on sale for 75% off the original price. I made kusudama flower balls to satisfy my crafty side. This entire project cost me less than $0.94 to make. I used two ginormous pieces of Martha Stewart paper (18" x 18") and cut them into 3 inch squares with my amazing paper cutter. I used 60 squares to make this one ball! 60 is a big number, and this was truly a labor of love. I also glued a piece of ribbon to complete the look. I bought 20 yards of it for $0.10 at Jo-Ann Fabrics last year. I'm cheap, and it definitely pays off.

Then I decided to make another one, and this time I timed it. One kusudama flower ball takes me 2.5 hours to make. Now just times that by 14+, and that's how many hours I spent last December making them for Christmas presents.

Aren't the two of them so cute next to each other hanging in the tree like they're best buds?

I officially call this project a huge success, and I'm getting excited about making more of these for the wedding. I'll be making them in all different sizes in lovely shades of pink, cream, and a lighter green. I'm sure they'll look amazing together.

Since I'll be busy packing and working on craft projects, it might be a little quiet on the blog front. No worries. I'll be documenting all of my crazy adventures, especially everything wedding related. While I'm away, please enjoy some pumpkin ice cream from the Woodside Farm Creamery. It is delicious and makes me super happy. It also makes me look at the camera funny. Hehe.


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